Manhattan CryoBank is located on 43rd Street between 2nd Ave. and 3rd Ave. in Manhattan, New York. Our office is easily accessible by public transportation and just two blocks from Grand Central Station.


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Manhattan Cryobank is an innovative sperm bank with a dedication to helping patients have healthy babies. By leveraging breakthrough scientific technology from GenePeeks, Manhattan CryoBank offers Previde: a physican prescribed genetic screen analyzing the DNA of the patient and sperm donor to identify a future child's risk of inheriting 1,000+ serious genetic diseases. 

Previde analyzes the DNA of our patients in combination with the DNA of our clients prospective donors, screening each client/donor combination for over 1,000+ genetic conditions not included in the standard sperm bank screen. The end result is a report detailing the risk of a future child inheriting 1,000+ genetic diseases based on the DNA of the patient and sperm donor

Along with donor sperm services, and advanced donor screening options, Manhattan CryoBank offers a full range of andrology and fertility preservation services: 

We are committed to exceeding patient expectations at every step in the sperm donor search and giving your child the best chance at a healthy future. 

Accreditation and Licenses

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Registration3006199266
New York State Department of Health Tissue BankGA130
New York State Department of Health Clinical Laboratory8276
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment33D1060131
California State Department of Public Health Tissue BankCTB00081014
Maryland Department of Health Tissue BankTB 2221
Oregon Health AuthorityTissue Bank Registry
Illinois Department of Public Health0315

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