Manhattan Cryobank Inc. (Manhattan CryoBank), is a full-service andrology laboratory and reproductive tissue bank providing specialized services to physicians and individuals looking for sperm donors, cryopreservation, sperm and embryo banking, male fertility tests and sperm preparation for artificial insemination.

Manhattan CryoBank offers a choice of diverse sperm donor specimens for intracervical or intrauterine inseminations. We provide cryopreservation services to men who wish to have children in the future but face sterility due to cancer therapy, medical procedures such as vasectomy, exposure to radiation/dangerous chemicals or professional athletes who risk testicular injury. Sperm and embryo banking provides short- and long-term storage options to male and female clients whose circumstances have forced them to try artificial means of conception, and/or to individuals who wish to preserve their sperm or embryos for future use. All specimens are immersed in liquid nitrogen and stored in cryogenic tanks at our secure storage facility.

Manhattan CryoBank follows and adheres to established guidelines and standards for the selection and screening of sperm donors as well as the testing, processing, storage and distribution of semen specimens. All procedures are performed by an American Association of Tissue Bank (AATB) certified reproductive cryotechnology specialist. Our medical board is comprised of professionals with expertise in genetics, pathology, urology, infertility, internal medicine. Manhattan CryoBank is under the direct supervision of a medical director and a high-complexity clinical laboratory director. We are dedicated to maintain the highest standards of care and service.

Accreditation and Licenses

Title ID
New York State Department of Health Tissue Bank GA130
New York State Department of Health Clinical Laboratory 8276
California Department of Public Health CNC 81014
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment 33D1060131
US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Registration 3006199266

Manhattan CryoBank is located on 40th Street between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, New York. Our office is easily accessible by public transportation and just two blocks from Grand Central Station.

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