Additional Services Fees

Many of these services are available for purchase on our Order Additional Services page. Please contact Manhattan CryoBank for assistance in purchasing any item not found online.  

Sperm Storage (Unlimited Vials)

1-Month $50
6-Months $250
1-Year $425
2-Years $700
3-Years $925
4-Years $1,200
5-Years $1,450
10-Years $2,150

Embryo/Egg Storage (Unlimited Vials)

1-Month $120
6-Months $400
1-Year $700
2-Years $1,200
3-Years $1,680
4-Years $2,040
5-Years $2,450
10-Years $4,000

Cryopreservation Services

*Sperm Cryopreservation Per Deposit Unwashed $200
*Sperm Cryopreservation Per Deposit Washed $300
Specimen Thawing $25
Specimen Release Fee $50

*First deposit for sperm cryopreservation includes semen analysis and consultation.

Directed (Known) Donors

Consultation/Account Maintenance $150
Sperm Cryopreservation Washed $300
Sperm Cryopreservation Unwashed $200
Initial Infectious Disease Screening Excludes Genetic Testing $450
Quarantine Release Infectious Disease Screening $400
Genetic Screening Includes 22 Genetic Disorders $300
Karyotype Chromosome Analysis $400
Physical Examination $200
Complete Semen Analysis $110
Post Thaw Analysis $70

Andrology Services

Complete Semen Analysis $110
Complete Semen Analysis with Kruger Morphology   $160
Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis $110
Post Ejaculatory Urinalysis $110
Kruger Morphology $60
Post Thaw Analysis $70

Semen Preparation for Artificial Insemination

Basic Wash $90
Swim-up Wash $110
Premium / Gradient Wash $150
Retrograde Wash $160

Delivery Services
*Prices Include Roundtrip Shipment of Manhattan Cryobank's Dry Shipper Tank. 

US 2-Business Day Delivery NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD, MA, DE $125
US 2-Business Day Delivery All Other States $200
US Overnight Standard NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD, DC, DE, MA $195
US Overnight Standard All Other States $240
US Overnight Priority NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD, DC, DE, MA $210
US Overnight Priority All Other States $260
Messenger Manhattan $100
Messenger Brooklyn/Queens $150
Messenger Staten Island $250
International Shipments Call
On-Site Liquid Nitrogen Refill $25
Tank (Dry Shipper) Rental per day $50
Tank Deposit - refundable $250


Semen Collection Condoms $15

All fees are subject to change without notice and are in $USD.

Please Note: Manhattan CryoBank does not currently have the facilities to bill insurance companies directly for reimbursement. Upon request, however, we can provide you with copies of paid invoices to submit to your insurance company.