Egg And Embryo Storage

Manhattan CryoBank provides Egg and Embryo Storage, otherwise known as Egg and Embryo Banking, as an option to preserve fertility for future use. Depending on the client’s specific wishes, egg and embryo specimens can later be thawed and used in an attempt to conceive a child through therapeutic insemination or other assisted reproductive techniques. Our secure storage facility and flexible storage plans provide short-term and long-term banking options at competitive prices.

To help clients determine if Egg and Embryo Storage is right for them, we are providing answers to the most important Egg and Embryo Banking questions here:

What are the Most Common Reasons for Egg or Embryo Storage?

Is There a Limit to How Long Specimens may be Stored?

Proven, long-established techniques enable cryopreserved specimens to be stored indefinitely in liquid nitrogen. Based on current data, frozen sperm/embryos can remain viable for an indefinite period of time. Pregnancies with good outcomes have been reported following the thawing of sperm/embryos that have been frozen for over a decade.

Where are the Specimens Stored?

Our storage facility is a New York State licensed tissue bank and FDA registered storage facility. The frozen specimens (vials, straws) are immersed in liquid nitrogen and stored in cryogenic tanks at a temperature of -196°C (-321°F). The liquid nitrogen is independent of any source of power and can thus withstand power outages. Embryo/Egg specimens are stored in cryogenic storage tanks that are separate from those used for sperm specimens.

What Happens after the Specimens are Stored?

Our laboratory staff performs daily quality controls to ensure that each cryogenic tank is in good condition. We monitor the liquid nitrogen level of each tank and replenish the liquid nitrogen as needed. The storage area is locked at all times and access is limited to authorized personnel only.

The laboratory staff follows written standard operating procedures pertaining to the storage, maintenance, retrieval and transfer of frozen specimens to ensure cryogenic safety. Complete records are maintained on all stored tissues and activities pertaining to the stored specimens.

Manhattan CryoBank’s specialized staff is certified by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and is highly experienced in Cryogenic Storage.