Specimen Guarantees

Manhattan CryoBank is committed to providing high quality donor sperm samples. All specimens are counted using a Makler counting chamber ensuring the highest quality of motile sperm cells. Manhattan CryoBank performs a post-thaw analysis on each specimen, the information of which is included with every shipment. A post-thaw analysis details the number of motile sperm present in the vial after it has been frozen. Manhattan CryoBank guarantees the following number of motile sperm cells in each vial:

IUI-Ready and ICI Vials: 10 Million Motile Sperm/Vial
Interlaboratory IUI-Ready/ICI Vials: 8 Million Motile Sperm/Vial
IVF IUI-Ready/ICI Vials: 5 Million Motile Sperm/Vial
Interlaboratory IVF IUI-Ready/ICI Vials: 4 Million Motile Sperm/Vial

Please Note: IUI-Ready vials contain 0.5 ml of donor sperm, while ICI vials contain 1.0 ml of donor sperm.

If specimens fall below the above listed quality standards, Manhattan Cryobank requires that the physician and/or clinical laboratory preparing the specimen complete a Specimen Report Form. Specimen Report Forms claiming substandard specimens must be submitted to Manhattan Cryobank within 30 days of the physician and/or clinical laboratory thawing the specimen. The form may be faxed to (212) 396-2797 / (646) 219-6569 or scanned and emailed to info@manhattancryobank.com. Upon receipt of a Specimen Report Form, Manhattan Cryobank’s laboratory management team will review the details provided in the form.

Please note the following prior to submitting a Substandard Specimen Report: