Donor Types And Vial Types

As you browse our donor catalogue, you will see two types of donors (ID Disclosure and Anonymous) and two types of vials (IUI-Ready and ICI) available for purchase. In addition to the donors that we offer online, our clients can use Directed ("Known") Donors. 

To help you decide which Donor Type and Vial Type is right for you, we provide the descriptions of each here. 

Donor Types

You will find ID Disclosure ("ID") Donors and Anonymous ("AD") Donors in our online catalogue. If you would like to use a Directed ("Known") Donor, please contact our office for next steps. 

ID Disclosure ("ID"): An ID Disclosure Donor is a sperm donor who has consented to having his identity released to children conceived of his specimens when they reach the age of 21. This donor’s identity can only be released to the child upon request.

Anonymous ("AD"): An Anonymous Donor is a sperm donor who has not consented to his identity being released. Manhattan CryoBank will never be allowed to release this donor’s identity. 

Directed ("Known")A Directed Donor is a donor who is known to the recipient of the sperm samples. Typically a friend or a family member, Directed Donors go through the same screening protocols as ID Disclosure and Anonymous donors.  For more information on using a Directed Donor, please contact our office.

Vial Types

In addition to reading our vial type descriptions here, we recommend consulting with your medical provider to determine which type makes the most sense for you. 

IUI-Ready (Washed) VialsIUI, which stands for intra-uterine insemination, is the placement of sperm directly inside the uterus, in order to aid pregnancy. IUI-Ready Vials at Manhattan CryoBank are “washed,” which means that the raw ejaculate is put through a density gradient to remove dead and poorly performing sperm, as well as other unnecessary contents. Using washed sperm for IUI avoids painful cramping of the uterus, and it ensures that the inseminated specimen has a high concentration of motile sperm. IUI insemination must be performed by a licensed medical professional.

ICI (Unwashed) Vials: ICI, which stands for intra-cervical insemination, is the placement of sperm inside the vagina, more specifically the cervix. ICI-Unwashed Vials at Manhattan CryoBank are “unwashed,” which is similar to a “raw” ejaculate made during intercourse, containing natural nutrients, proteins, sperm cells, etc. The ICI insemination may be performed in the privacy of your own home, without the assistance of a licensed medical professional.