Guide To Ordering Donor Sperm

Buying donor sperm can seem like a daunting task. There are many factors to consider when purchasing donor vials - not to mention finding your perfect donor. At Manhattan CryoBank, our goal is to make it simple to find a donor you love; and to make your purchase of donor sperm as easy as can be.

Below you’ll find a guide explaining the process of ordering donor sperm, from the selection of your perfect donor to the successful shipment of your vials.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team. We’re here to help, and we want your selection of donor sperm to not only be easy, but fun.

Step 1: Explore the Donor Catalogue

Manhattan CryoBank’s Donor Search allows you to filter the donor list by specific categories that are important to you. When you view individual donor profiles, you’ll be able to access the following information free of charge:

To learn even more about your favorite donors, we recommend purchasing a 3-Month Donor Information Subscription. The subscription allows you to view additional information for every donor in the catalogue, including:

At Manhattan CryoBank, we are constantly adding new donors to our catalogue. Donors that have been added in the past month are marked with a “New” star.

To help navigate the donor catalogue, you can add the donors that you like the best to a list of your “Favorites.” Simply create a free account with Manhattan CryoBank to view and edit your list of Favorites at any time.

Step 2: Select a Donor Type and a Vial Type

As you browse the donor profiles, you will see two types of donors (ID Disclosure and Anonymous) and two types of vials (IUI-Ready and ICI) available for purchase. 

In addition to the ID Disclosure ("ID") and Anonymous ("AD") Donors that we offer in our online catalogue, our clients can use Directed ("Known") Donors. If you would like to use a Directed Donor, please contact our office for next steps. To help you decide which Donor Type is right for you, you can read the descriptions of each here:

ID Disclosure ("ID"): An ID Disclosure Donor is a sperm donor who has consented to having his identity released to children conceived of his specimens when they reach the age of 21. This donor’s identity can only be released to the child upon request.

Anonymous ("AD"): An Anonymous Donor is a sperm donor who has not consented to his identity being released. Manhattan CryoBank will never be allowed to release this donor’s identity. 

Directed ("Known"): A Directed Donor is a donor who is known to the recipient of the sperm samples. Typically a friend or a family member, Directed Donors go through the same screening protocols as ID Disclosure and Anonymous donors. For more information on using a Directed Donor, please contact our office.

To determine which vial type makes the most sense for you, we recommend consulting with your medical provider. To help you be as informed as possible, we are providing the description of each here:

IUI-Ready (Washed) Vials: IUI, which stands for intra-uterine insemination, is the placement of sperm directly inside the uterus, in order to aid pregnancy. IUI-Ready Vials at Manhattan CryoBank are “washed,” which means that the raw ejaculate is put through a density gradient to remove dead and poorly performing sperm, as well as other unnecessary contents. Using washed sperm for IUI avoids painful cramping of the uterus, and it ensures that the inseminated specimen has a high concentration of motile sperm. IUI insemination must be performed by a licensed medical professional.

ICI (Unwashed) Vials: ICI, which stands for intra-cervical insemination, is the placement of sperm inside the vagina, more specifically the cervix. ICI-Unwashed Vials at Manhattan CryoBank are “unwashed,” which is similar to a “raw” ejaculate made during intercourse, containing natural nutrients, proteins, sperm cells, etc. The ICI insemination may be performed in the privacy of your own home, without the assistance of a licensed medical professional.

Step 3: Check the Inventory of Your Favorite Donors

As you narrow down your list of donors, we highly recommended that you check their inventory levels. The inventory levels include the total IUI-Ready (Washed) and ICI (Unwashed) vials available. The inventory levels are broken down into the following 3 categories.

The inventory of the sperm donors may be replenished from time to time.  If you see that a donor has either Low or Medium inventory levels, you may contact us to see if any more vials for that donor will be released.

Step 4: Submit Required Documents

Before completing your purchase of donor sperm, you must submit a few required documents. Listed below are the necessary documents for your particular circumstance as a client. You may click on the name of any document to download it. 

Please note that you must be working with a licensed medical professional to complete some of these documents. If you do not have a medical provider that specializes in reproductive medicine, you may search for a doctor by zip code here.

First time clients ordering donor sperm must submit the following documents: 

First time clients storing donor sperm must also submit the following document: 

Existing clients who have changed physicians (including physician shipping addresses) since their last order must submit a new:

Existing clients who would like to ship specimens from storage or purchase and ship specimens must submit the following document:

Any client ordering services offline (by phone, fax, or email), must submit their required documents, as well as a:

*All documents may be submitted to Manhattan CryoBank by fax or by email. 

Step 5: Purchase Your Donor Sperm

Please Note: While you may complete your online purchase prior to submitting your required documents, your vials will not be shipped or stored until you have submitted all of your necessary forms. 

Purchasing Donor Sperm: The simplest way to purchase donor sperm is online. On the individual donor profile pages, you can select the number of IUI-Ready (Washed) and/or ICI (Unwashed) vials that you would like to purchase. Once you select the vials, you will be brought through a purchase process that includes selecting a shipping method and/or a storage period for your vials.

Shipping Donor Sperm from Storage:  If you already have donor sperm in storage at Manhattan CryoBank and would like to pay to ship your specimens, you may do so online. If you initially purchased the donor vials online, you may order shipping for your vials through your Account Page. If you did not initially purchase the donor vials online, you may order shipping as a stand-alone item from the Additional Services Page. 

Purchasing Donor Sperm or Shipping OfflineIf you are unable to complete your purchase of donor sperm or shipping online, you may do so by phone, fax, or email. If you are paying by any of these methods, you must submit the Authorization to Transfer Frozen Specimen Form in addition to your other necessary forms.