Vial Buy Back And Siblings Program

We want to make the process of purchasing donor sperm as easy as possible for our clients, whether it's reimbursing them for unused vials, or putting vials on hold for a future pregnancy. As such, Manhattan CryoBank offers the Vial Buy Back Program and the Siblings Program.

Vial Buy Back Program

We understand that going through fertility treatments with donor sperm is expensive. To help reduce the financial burden, we have developed a program that allows clients to be reimbursed for any unused vials that they have stored at Manhattan CryoBank’s facility.

The Vial Buy Back Program provides clients with a 50% reimbursement per vial for any specimens currently in storage at Manhattan CryoBank’s facility. An administrative fee of $50 will be deducted from your total reimbursement.

Vials that have already been shipped from the Manhattan CryoBank’s facility are disqualified from this program.

Siblings Program

Once pregnancy is achieved, we understand the desire to use your chosen sperm donor for a future pregnancy. 

With the Siblings Program, we make it easy to purchase and store additional vials from your selected donor for future inseminations. A storage fee may apply, depending on the length of the storage.

Please contact Manhattan CryoBank for more information.