Donor: 190

DONOR: 190



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Donor 190 is reserved at first, but he reveals a great sense of humor and impressive intelligence once he warms up. Well rounded and full of ambition, he has a master's degree in literature, a successful career in wealth management, and aspirations to one day own his own hedge fund. His ultimate goal in life, however, is to achieve a successful marriage and become a great father. In the meantime, he is truly interested in helping others create a family as a sperm donor. He is tall, good looking, and plays a variety of sports to stay in shape.

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Weight165 lbs

Eye ColorBrown

Hair ColorBlack




Maternal AncestryChinese

Paternal AncestryChinese

EducationPostgraduate Degree

Area of StudyLiterature (Masters)

OccupationWealth Management

Blood TypeB-

CMV Status  Positive


CMV Status

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a very common virus that most American adults have been exposed to and have developed immunity to. If a woman who has never had CMV is exposed to the virus during pregnancy, there is a small chance that she will become infected, increasing the risk of her child developing medical problems.

A simple blood test can determine if you have been exposed to CMV. Some clients who are CMV negative choose to restrict their selection to donors whose “CMV Status” is negative. For this reason, we include this information in our donor profiles. We recommend consulting your physician for guidance on your own personal CMV risks.

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Additional Information Available

Extended profile, audio interview, childhood photos.

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