Donor: 9393

DONOR: 9393



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Donor 9393 is the soft-spoken boy next door. He is relatively quiet with a calm demeanor. Discipline and respect for others are two things that are very important to him. He takes his responsibilities very seriously and finds enjoyment in doing hard work. He has obtained a Bachelor in Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design and is currently working on his Masters Degree in Architecture. He considers himself to be very unique, artistic and creative and therefore, likes to stand out and be different from society. He enjoys living his live this way and tries to avoid mediocrity and the average, trying to experience the full possibilities of life and trying as many different things as possible. His goal in life is to become the best at everything he does. This does not only pertain to his job or his career, but anything he is trying to accomplish. In his free time, he likes to listen to music, watch movies, but mostly, he likes to learn. He finds joy in learning something new every day and having a new insight into something he wasn’t familiar with. Donor 9393 believes that he makes a great donor because he has a positive character, great physical traits and most importantly, healthy genes. He enjoys looking young for his age and having a fast metabolism that allows him to eat as much as he likes! His celebrity look-a-likes would be the famous Korean popstar, Bobby, and a young Yoo-Jae-Suk. 



Weight120 lbs

Eye ColorBlack

Hair ColorBrown



Maternal AncestryKorean

Paternal AncestryKorean

EducationUndergraduate Degree

Area of StudyInterior Design


Blood TypeB+

CMV Status  Negative


CMV Status

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a very common virus that most American adults have been exposed to and have developed immunity to. If a woman who has never had CMV is exposed to the virus during pregnancy, there is a small chance that she will become infected, increasing the risk of her child developing medical problems.

A simple blood test can determine if you have been exposed to CMV. Some clients who are CMV negative choose to restrict their selection to donors whose “CMV Status” is negative. For this reason, we include this information in our donor profiles. We recommend consulting your physician for guidance on your own personal CMV risks.

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Donor TypeAnonymous

Additional Information Available

Extended profile, childhood photos.

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