Do I need a medical professional to purchase donor sperm?

You must be working with a licensed medical professional to complete your purchase of donor sperm. Your medical professional will help you determine which vial type and insemination route makes the most sense for you. For many clients, a medical professional will perform the insemination. If your medical professional will not be performing your insemination, he or she must still provide the authorization for you to ship the specimens to a home address.

If you do not have a medical professional that specializes in reproductive medicine, please visit the following link: Find a Doctor

How do I access sperm donor information?

Manhattan CryoBank’s Donor Search allows you to filter the donor list by specific categories that are important to you. When you view individual donor profiles, you’ll be able to view the following information free of charge:

To learn even more about your favorite donors, we recommend purchasing a 3-Month Donor Information Subscription. The subscription allows you to view additional information for every donor in the catalogue, including:

What are the different donor types?

At Manhattan CryoBank, there are three types of donors: 

Anonymous Donor: An Anonymous Donor is a sperm donor who has not consented to his identity being released. Manhattan CryoBank will never be allowed to release this donor’s identity.

ID Disclosure: An ID Disclosure Donor is a sperm donor who consented to having his identity released to children conceived of his specimens when the children reach the age of 21 years. This donor’s identity can only be released to the child upon request. 

Directed “Known” DonorA Directed “Known” Donor is a donor who is known to the recipient of the sperm samples. Typically a friend or a family member, Directed Donors go through the same screening protocols as ID Disclosure and Anonymous donors.  For more information on using a Directed Donor, please contact our office.

Should I order IUI-Ready (Washed) or ICI (Unwashed) Vials?

We recommend consulting with your licensed medical professional to determine which vial type is the best option for you. To help with this conversation, you can find the description of each vial type below: 

IUI-Ready (Washed) Vials: IUI, which stands for intra-uterine insemination, is the placement of sperm directly inside the uterus, in order to aid pregnancy. IUI-Ready Vials at Manhattan CryoBank are “washed,” which means that the raw ejaculate is put through a density gradient to remove dead and poorly performing sperm, as well as other unnecessary contents. Using washed sperm for IUI avoids causing painful cramping of the uterus, and it ensures that the inseminated specimen has a high concentration of motile sperm. IUI insemination must be performed by a medical provider.

ICI (Unwashed) Vials: ICI, which stands for intra-cervical insemination, is the placement of sperm inside the vagina, more specifically the cervix. ICI-Unwashed Vials at Manhattan CryoBank are “unwashed,” which is similar to a “raw” ejaculate made during intercourse, containing natural nutrients, proteins, sperm cells, etc. The ICI insemination may be performed in the privacy of your own home, without the assistance of a medical provider.

How do I place my order for donor sperm?

The simplest way to purchase donor sperm is online. If you are unable to complete your purchase online, you may do so on the telephone, by fax, or by email. Please see below for a description of each purchase method.

Online Purchase of Donor Sperm: On the individual donor profile pages, you can select the number of IUI-Ready (Washed) and/or ICI (Unwashed) vials you would like to purchase. Once you select the vials, you will be brought through a purchase process that includes selecting a shipping method and/or a storage period for your vials.

Your vials will be shipped once you have submitted all of the necessary forms.

Telephone, Fax or Email Purchase of Donor Sperm: If you are unable to complete your purchase of donor sperm online, you may do so by telephone, fax, or email. If you are paying by any of these methods, you must submit the Authorization to Transfer Frozen Specimen form by fax (212-396-2797) or by email (info@ManhattanCryoBank.com).

If you prefer to provide us with your credit card information over the phone, you do not need to include your credit card information in the Authorization to Transfer Frozen Specimen form. But you will need to submit  an email authorizing the charge.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We can ship specimens to any fertility clinic and/or fertility doctor internationally. However, the fertilty clinic or fertility doctor has to be able to import the specimens direct from the United States. We recommend that you speak with your clinic or doctor to see if specimens can be imported direct from the United States.

Can you ship donor sperm to the United Kingdom?

No. The Health Authorities (HFEA) in the United Kingdom require donors to register in the UK. Our donors at this point in time are not registered with the HFEA. 

Shipping Donor Sperm from Storage

If you have donor sperm in storage and would like to pay to ship your specimens, you may do so online. If you initially purchased the donor vials online, you may order shipping for your vials through your Account Page. If you did not initially purchase the donor vials online, you may order shipping as a stand-alone item from the Order Additional Services Page. 

You may also order shipping offline by submitting the Authorization to Transfer Frozen Specimen form and paying by phone, fax, or email.

What paperwork do I need to submit to receive my vials?

If you can find the necessary paperwork for ordering donor vials laid out in our Document Center. Simple click on the document name to download the document. 

All documents may be submitted to Manhattan CryoBank by fax (212-396-2797) or by email (info@ManhattanCryoBank.com). 


How are the sperm specimens packaged and shipped?

We send the specimens in liquid nitrogen dry shipper tanks via Federal Express or local courier. The specimens are guaranteed in the dry shipper tanks for 7 days from the date shipped.

Will my insurance pay for the specimens?

Manhattan CryoBank does not currently have the facilities to bill insurance companies directly for reimbursement. Upon request, however, we can provide you with copies of paid invoices to submit to your insurance company. 

Historically, fertility services have not been covered by insurance plans, as many insurance companies view fertility as an "elective" procedure, rather than a reproductive "disease.” However, there has been positive trend in the coverage of these services by some companies. Please check your insurance policy regarding coverage of these specific services.

Do you offer a Vial Buy Back Program?

Yes. Manhattan CryoBank’s Vial Buy Back Program provides clients with a 50% reimbursement of the original purchase price per vial for any specimens stored at Manhattan CryoBank’s facility.

Please note that an administrative fee of $50 will be deducted from your total reimbursement, and that vials already shipped from the Manhattan CryoBank’s facility are disqualified from this program.

How do I notify Manhattan CryoBank of a Pregnancy?

Please notify Manhattan CryoBank of a pregnancy here.

The information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used to monitor and limit the number of pregnancies from a particular donor and gather information that may be important to the health of MCB families.

How do I apply to become a Manhattan CryoBank donor?

Please apply to become a donor with Manhattan CryoBank here.

You must be between 18 and 39 years of age, currently attending a four-year university, or already holding a degree, and in good health.